Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar Wrappers {FREE PRINTABLE}

These candy bar valentine's are so cute and easy to make. Just print, cut out, and wrap around a full-sized chocolate bar. And voila! You have some pretty SWEET treats for Valentine's Day. With two styles to choose from your child is sure to fall in {LOVE} with this valentine idea.

DOWNLOAD "I'm Over the Rainbow for You" Wrappers

DOWNLOAD "Chocolate for Your Valentine's Day Candy "Stache" Wrappers

What You Need:
- Photo Paper 
- Double-sided Tape
- Tin Foil
- Full-sized Chocolate Bars
- Scissors or paper trimmer
- Writing Utensil

Step 1: Download the wrapper using the link above and print the amount need (there are two per page so if ten wrappers are needed print five) on photo paper. 

Step 2: Use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut out the wrappers.

Step 3: Use writing utensil (marker, pencil, crayon, etc.) to add your child's name and who the chocolate bar is going "To". 

Step 4: Remove the outside wrapper from the chocolate bars. 

Step 5: If the bar is not already prepared accordingly, wrap chocolate bars neatly with tin foil.  

Step 6: Fold the wrappers:
The "Chocolate for Your Valentine's Day Candy "Stache" wrappers have white dotted lines in the almost center that are to be used as guides for folding.

The "I'm Over the Rainbow for You" wrappers" will be folded on the lines of the blue box that is almost in the center of the wrapper.

Step 7:  Place the chocolate bar into the wrapper so that it is centered. Flip candy bar over on the side that has the two open flaps. Keeping in mind that the top flap is the side that you wrote on in Step 3; attach two strips of double-sided tape, one on each inside edge of the top flap. Line up the flaps and push together to close. Adjust the wrapper so that it is centered on the bar.

Front and Back of the 
"Chocolate for Your Valentine's Day Candy "Stache"

Front and Back of the
"I'm Over the Rainbow For You Wrappers.

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