Friday, January 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Handouts

{I want to wish everyone a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR and lots of happy thoughts for good things to come in 2014!}

I woke up about a week ago and for the first time it fully hit me -- the holidays were so ovah! I feel  guilty and regret robbing my kids out of doing the usual fun stuff we do over the holidays. We didn't drive around to see light shows, or go to the zoo; our house elf barely moved off her chair, we didn't make a countdown garland, and our Christmas dinner was store bought (I know!!). With all we've had going on since November my schedule kept me so busy that I wasn't able to keep up with anything but the gift shopping which just so happens to be my least favorite of all holiday activities. 

I did manage to make Christmas sugar cookies with my kids but not until last weekend which was two weeks late and my kids reminded me that we didn't leave any for santa. A funny story, I looked in my freezer and found premade cutout cookie dough and have NO IDEA how it got there. Like literally no idea. Did I buy it or did one of my relatives put it there? I'll probably never know and that is killing me.

My schedule didn't just effect my kids. Since this time last year I had been compiling a list of amazing holiday-related blogs I was going to share with you. How to make lite-fabric garland, paper trees, wreaths, family recipes.... I never found the time to sit down and write them. To make up for my lack of holiday spirit, I am jumping right into the next holiday super early to give you plenty of time to decide which of these amazing Valentines you are going to make. 

I created these to use as Valentine handouts at my kids schools but you can also make them with your kids just for the fun of it.


These SWEET rockets are a cheap and easy Valentine for kids to give to classmates or to family members. The printable wrappers say, "You're a blast..." and " You're out of this world..."

For the video tutorial on how to make them, click here.

For the FREE printable wrapper, click here.

Flower Lollipops

These adorable flowers are easy enough to make that the kids can help! The printable leaves have four cute sayings including "Be my bud-dy" and "Our friendship is blooming."

For the video tutorial on how to make them, click here.

For the printable leaves, click here.

For the printable heart / petal template, click here.

Gummy Bear Favor Bags

Are you ready for this bear-riffic idea for Valentine's Day? These unique favor bags give a giant bear hug to friends and family! The printable bag labels include a boy or girl version and say "bear hugs and kisses." 

For the video tutorial on how to make them, click here.

Click here for the FREE girl or boy free printable.

May need to adjust your printer to print the printables correctly.

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