Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Little About Me

My name is Angie Morrissey. I’m addicted to jogging and party planning. I wish I was more interesting but that is pretty much the extent of my hobbies.  I did take belly dancing for a long time but that was over 10 years ago so I am pretty sure it doesn’t count.  Although my husband still tells his friends about it so I should be able to, right? 

Anyway, I had this crazy idea to write a book series on parties about a year ago so I am also an author. Although some days I wish I wasn’t because it was totally not worth it. It was an entire year of my life where I became obsessed and said silly stuff to my kids like (true story) “You can’t eat that, it’s for the photo shoot!”. Miraculously though I can still set up a killer tablescape without having to be in the fetal position so at least I still have that.

I am also considering writing a book series on jogging…. 

I live in a small town called Longmont (just east of Boulder) in Colorado with my two kids and husband.  Before being promoted to “mommy!” I was a marketing director in the high tech industry (ah, now you understand why I took belly dancing).  It was super boring and it pretty much turned me into a big nerd. Then I had kids and now I am told I am just weird and embarrassing.

My husband and I were married in the mountains of Costa Rica and someday I hope to write a blog about it and right here it will say, “To read this post click here”.    

My hope for this blog is to inspire people get their PARTY ON!!


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