Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Puppy Love :: Stuffed Safari :: Coupon Code

I just got these adorable stuffed dogs from Stuffed Safari. They will be used in my upcoming "Puppy Love" party that I will be creating for the book in a few months. {My daughter recently  told me that it should be her theme for her 9th birthday party so I get to kill two dogs with one party!!} As a sneak peak I will be creating a dog spa for this party where the kids can pick handmade collars, bows, and skirts for their dogs as well as brush and spray them with perfume. What a dog-gone terrific idea!

Here are a few of the stuffed dogs I picked out! I choose the Fiesta brand because they are big (nine-inches) enough to hand make accessories for and priced just right (under $10.00!!). A few of my favorite dogs are the super cute white terrier and pug (unusual to find a pug stuffed animal without huge weird eyes).

Be sure to enter code PIECEOFCAKE for an additional 15% off orders over $25. Plus all orders over $75 receive free shipping!

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